university student, book enthusiast, virgo, intj. My blog is mostly downton abbey, grey's anatomy, call the midwife, gilmore girls and lots of maria doyle kennedy. I'm a firm believer that carson and hughes adore each other. I love period dramas, harry potter, singers with unusual voices and stoic middle-aged females.
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Finally watching the first episode of season five and oh my god mrs. hughes looks beautiful

Phyllis Logan & Jim Carter: on series 5 (x)


Carson/Hughes: important series 4 moments



If anyone has ever bought/been given a litographs shirt, could you please tell me what the fit is like?
I think they’re gorgeous and I want to buy one, but they’re expensive, particularly for me since I’m Canadian and have to pay for shipping and possibly duty, and I want to be sure of the size before I buy it.
Are the shirts true to normal US sizes?


Maria Doyle Kennedy - “Call Me”


Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle


Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle